Gary Jennings

Fullstack Serverless Engineer

How can developers create great products fuelled by creativity and curiosity rather than stress and fear? All the things I care about in tech are motivated by that question. Things I believe:

Github Projects

This project goes over how to test javascript with jest, how to write unit tests, how to write integration tests, and how Ports and Adaptors can help organize our code to make it easier to test

This microservice takes inspiration from the ports and adaptors methodology. Diagrams are included for explanation. This is a good representation of the approach I take building backend microservices.

This is a set of apps for a coffee company like starbucks. It involves frontend apps for customers, clerks, store managers, store tvs, and warehouse.

Example of how to impliment the test pyramid in a serverless application

Example of how to impliment integration tests on DynamoDB in a serverless application


Youtube Videos I have recored

What I use to build fullstack Javascript applications



I use Sketch to make all mockups, wireframes, and prototypes.



I use React for frontend development, along with styled components, recompose/hooks and apollo GraphQL client

I use the Serverless Framework with Node JS and Typescript.

I use AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS, SES, Cognito, S3, Cloudfront, API Gateway, Cloudwatch

I also teach web development

On my youtube channel I demonstrate how to use the serverless framework and other popular javascript frameworks and libraries.

In SAIT's web development fast track program I have taught HTML, CSS, Sass, Github, AWS deployment.

Recorded Videos and wrote content for Packt's Beginning Vue JS course, which goes over vue js basics, splitting your code into components, vuex, vue router, data fetching, and deploying.

Books that have influenced me

Books I am currently reading